Having been officially established in 1908, Sans Souci Baptist Church has had many fruitful years of ministry under the guidance and direction of many faithful men and woman of God. The origins of Sans Souci Baptist Church extend back as far as 1905 when it first met under the guise of ‘Sans Souci Baptist Mission’ which started as a Sunday School for families within the Sans Souci area. The church owes its foundation to the faithfulness of Thomas Lowe who started the original Sunday School program.

At the time, Sans Souci was sparsely populated, but gradually people were coming to the area to live, and several families started to settle within the community. Among those were a group of Baptists. One day a delegation led by Rev. Charles Palmer met with Thomas Lowe explaining that they intended to commence a ministry within the area. As a result of this meeting, the two groups decided to unite and ‘Sans Souci Baptist Mission’ was born. It was around this time that the first church building was erected in Russell Avenue.

On the 8th January, 1908, ‘Sans Souci Baptist Mission’ officially adopted the name ‘Sans Souci Baptist Church’ as it chose to affiliate itself with the Union of Baptist Churches of NSW. For this purpose, the Baptist Union sent out three representatives – Mr C. Lane, the Union Secretary, who presided, Rev. J Straughan and Rev. J Parker.

In 1929, the church acquired land in Hillview Street where it still resides to this day. Since that time, Sans Souci Baptist Church has witnessed God at work in many wonderful and incredible ways under the leadership and direction of numerous pastors and leaders. Today, Sans Souci Baptist Church continues to be a source of light and a witness to the local community of Sans Souci and its surrounds, whilst continuing to ensure that Christ’s Kingdom is furthered down the road and around the world.