we’re working hard toward the health and safety of all those who come onsite both on weekends and through the week. As you would be aware, we are all currently being encouraged to stay alert to information and health advice about CoronaVirus.

It is important we, as a church family, are looking out for one another and our community by acknowledging some simple ways to protect ourselves and each other.

To help us accomplish that, there’s a few things you can do.

  1. Frequently wash your hands & use alcohol-based hand sanitiser.

  2. Cover coughs & sneezes

  3. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth & surfaces.

  4. If you have recently travelled overseas, please refrain from coming too SSBC for 14 days.

  5. Clean & disinfect frequently touched items.

  6. If you are unwell please stay home until feeling better.

Here’s what SSBC is doing to help.

  1. Providing Hand Sanitiser at the doors of our foyer, church and ministry areas.

  2. Tissue boxes placed around the facility.

  3. All doors where activities are taking place will remain open to reduce the need for handling door handles.

  4. Contacting all Church contacts via email to inform them of SSBC’s Coronavirus Procedures and recommendations.

  5. Providing Online, Live Streaming of our onsite services for people to watch if they are unable to attend onsite. You can find the Live Stream HERE.

  6. Altering the way we take Communion to reduce chances of cross contamination.

Most importantly, let’s keep loving our community and those around us during this time.

General Information & Support:

Download the COVIDSafe app; Maintain 1.5metre distancing and Good Hygiene; Stay Home if unwell;



Baptist Association COVID-19 Landing Page